So like when you start something new and it’s in the beginning stages and the effort levels are super high and the results are pretty modest, motivation becomes and issue, ya know? Like, oh yeah, when the energy levels are all like super high and everything it’s easy to go ‘omg I’m gonna be like the best bimbo ever! An empty headed sex crazed life of getting people, hot boys and girls alike, horny and everything, and being dressed all sexy and getting off with other hotties, yeah that’s the life for me!!!’ Lol but then something like ticks you off, or your sex levels are low cause you’ve been cumming a lot, or you wake up one morning just not feeling it? Well yah it can be hard. You start thinking, what’s the point? You let your bimbo activities slide, cheat on your diet, your exercises, your porn watching, your masturbating…

There are probably like a bunch of reasons for this. One of them is the person you’ve been your whole life before you started bimbofying. I mean years of habits and behaviors and thought patters and opinions. I mean, not like I’m a psychotologist or anything, but even I know these don’t just disappear overnight just cause you decide you wanna bimbofy. And I mean, if you have like majorly nonbimbo habits, like that lead you to be all fat or flabby or supersmart or assertive or demanding or masculine (haha, yah, no doubt super masculine). Where was I, oh yeah, if you have nonbimbo habits or whatever, they can really derail you. I’m not saying like omg you can just wish em away. It will take some time to slowly start to change em, by developing strong bimbo habits, and coping skills for when you slide back to your prebimbo self and finding the balance such that there is a steady progression. The goal is to transform to a bimbo, to go from 1 step forward, 2 steps back to 2 steps forward, 1 step back, 2 steps forward again…

Well there’s a few things you can do. Just tricks that are working for me, maybe they’ll work for you.
1 – get a badass awesome Mistress to serve. I’d highly recommend Goddess Lindsay in case you hadn’t guessed, lol. Trust me, it helps to have someone telling you what to do, giving you ideas, giving you standards to live up to. But, as motivating as Goddess Lindsay is, She can’t be there whispering in my ear 24/7 about what to do and when to do it. And I mean, if I completely break out of all the guidelines She puts out there, She would no doubt find me much less than satisfying. I have to maintain a level of motivation on my own in order for Her to push me further. But still, serving a Mistress who is willing to take charge of bimbo transformation is far and away rule number 1.

2 – prioritize some bimbo mini goals. Like me? I started out with getting my ass in shape ( like duh, read my next post if u wanna know more). Bleaching was something I did every day for a while. I’d slip the occasional night, but then afterwards felt kinda guilty about it. For letting down my aspiring bimbohood.

3 – do some fun bimbo stuff every day. Like for me it’s tumblr. Just to like kill time or whatever. Instead of checking sports scores or reading the news. I mean, I still do those sometimes, but more and more it’s like just scrolling through my tumblr (my dash chock full of bimbo blogs of course, but also sissification, lingerie, hot guy, celeb, and barbies as well!) and reblogging, to fill out 5 or 15 (or an hour, lol) breaks between shit to do.

4 – work on your bod daily. I’m still struggling with my diet. But I’ve added a protein shake and vitamin supplement religiously, and I’ve worked through the 30 day squat challenge, and am now doing the 30 day Ab challenge! On day 4, which is a rest day, so I get to spend some time working on my ass, which is awesome!

5 – fake it til you make it – you may be feeling down, you may be feeling low, you may be feeling like a pathetic dude. But no one has to know. Type in a chirpy bubbly way. Drop in likes and totallys. Hearts. Lol’s. giggles. Whether you’re in a good mood or bad mood, keep the bubbly bimbo talk coming. No one wants to talk to a depressed sounding bimbo. And who doesn’t love cute sounding bimbos. Everyone loves a heart filled email! If you’re not feeling the bimbo attitude, just act like you are.

6 – think of yourself as part of the bimbo crowd. You may be shy, or feel like you’re not up to par. It’s okay, you’re part of the bimbo lifestyle. You may not be as bimbo as others, but that just gives you room for improvement. Give props to other bimbos. If you feel jealous, it’s okay,just use it as bimbotivation!

7 – Bimbo4life! It’s the new bimbotra! We’ll leave mantras to others. Our bimbotra is bimbo4life! Lol

whatever poppers up

so, I was traveling recently. staying in a hotel room with nary a responsibility to anyone but Goddess Lindsay. which gave Her stimulation to kinda further broaden my horizons. I mean, not that She needs it. this trip was post buying my aneros progasm jr and Hitachi wand. She had previously suggested I try to find some good silicone based lube to use with my aneros, but I hadn’t gotten around to it, so I was still using the water based lube I had ordered from aneros.

Well lo and behold if I didn’t find a kickass sex shop not 3 blocks from the convention center. so I went and found some lube, which was actually Goddess’s go-to lube, and I contacted Her all proud of myself. I mean, how should I put this, i’ve been in sex shops before, but this one in particularly was adorned, right next to its name, with a large rainbow flag lol so while I’ve been in a sex shop or 4 in my time I’ve never before been in one of that, um, persuasion. but damned if I wasn’t going to get that lube at the first available opportunity.

Goddess found this pretty amusing, but it also led to Her suggesting I try something new. Any guesses dear blog reader? lol, well, based on the title you might have guessed poppers. cause I didn’t make that title in reference to popcorn poppers, lol now I’ve HEARD of poppers before, but damned if I know much about them. She was like, you don’t have to, by if you want to…. lol, when She makes a suggestion I always want to! anyway, as you might expect from a loyal follower and devotee of Goddess Lindsay, I have read Her blog posts again and again. I mean, the way She puts stuff makes you just wanna like devour every morsel of what She writes again and again 🙂 like I immediately remembered the post Goddess Updates In particular this quote:

“Silly sissies and sluts indulging in poppers lately. It’s clear the use of poppers just makes their brains weak, little dicks hard and ready to suck REAL cocks. I’ve been enjoying taking those little tarts further down the rabbit hole, keeping them humiliated, tortured and full of debauchery.”

I was thinking, yeah, those silly sissies and slut are lucky! but at the same time, like, there was a tiny bit of skepticism about what the poppers could do. but I got some info from Goddess Lindsay about them, and the last day of the conference managed to make it back to the rainbow sexshop and grab some poppers. I mean, I was surprised how non-uncomfortable I was walking into a gay sex shop and asking for poppers. something about getting instructions from Goddess Lindsay is, I dunno, invigorating or something. just gives me a little of the backbone that my own independent male persona lacks. Haha, leave it to the Emasculation Mistress Herself to finally give me some balls, lol

anyway, so I bought the poppers and get back to my hotel later and call up Goddess, and She starts to talk me through it, testing their effects on me. and during this She says something like, “if you thought you were addicted to Me before, after doing poppers you’ll REALLY be addicted to Me.” I was like, yeah, hope so, without really knowing if I believed it.

well, I am here to report, it is TRUE! I tried the poppers and got ever more addicted. well, poppers while I had an aneros jr. in and a hitachi wand and a cock ring (also bought from the sex shop) and some liquor in me, and Goddess Lindsay on the phone. pics of Goddess up on my ipad. The combined effect was like an immense sexual charge. beyond. like I just wanted it to go on and on. Her voice amps everything. like to the nth power! and somehow the poppers also amped everything. so they like worked in synergy. mmmm, i’m getting all worked up now thinking about it. at any rate, yeah, i’m more addicted to Goddess Lindsay than ever! i’m like, wow, She introduced me to those poppers and was She ever right, my brain got sooooo weak for Her!

unfortunately I hadda toss the rest of the poppers before my flight. I mean, it’s flammable and I aint taking a chance of getting called out for terroristic materials. lol the size of the bottle couldn’t burn a cigar size hole in the seats, but just in case.  lemme just say you should take her up on it if She ever suggests it. She knows how to use poppers to make Her sissies and sluts more weak and pliable and addicted to Her than ever. omgggggg!!!!!!

so, the moral of the story is, of course, follow Goddess Lindsay, do poppers, get addicted!!! lol

in the beginning…

So… i have a twitter, @thebigbangtwink , but with only 140 characters/post, it is no match for my effusiveness.

i have a tumblr, , but since the whole platform is designed for pictures and vids, it doesn’t really work for my fave artistic and devotional medium, the written word. 

soooo, what to do, what to do… but start a wordpress blog. Aside- i started one of these a couple of times, for work related stuff, but the whole thing wound up coming across as eminently boring. so i gave it up. i mean, unless you’re a chemist with a very defined field of interest and specific techniques of choice, you’ll find most of what i was writing boring. and it was kinda like that age old koan, ‘if a tree falls in the forest and noone hears it, did it make a sound.’ the answer of course depends on your definition of the word sounds, but i’m not here to like engage anyone in philosophical arguments. 

no, i’m here (by here meaning on wordpress specifically, not in NYC, or the US, or on this little blue ball spinning around the sun, again, not speaking philosophically here) to communicate with the world, ideally with something the world ought to be interested in. So my mission here is to spread the gospel and engage the world in a topic that should be or supreme interest to many a person, namely Goddess Lindsay, aka Modest Vanity on Niteflirt and twitter ( @ModestVanityL ), or


So i like haven’t been spreading the gospel for very long, and i feel like i’ve got a lot of making up to do. I mean basically, She’s pretty much a perfect fetish Goddess for any submissive with intelligence and proper behavior. in other words, not a dumbass or a douche. She’s got a Voice to die for, Her Looks will make you melt, Her Attitude will have you standing at attention, and Her Intelligence and Insight will lead to Her understanding your needs more than you do. She’s total brain candy AND eye candy. if you play your cards right, you’ll be hooked on Her in a matter of minutes, and She will actively encourage You to become even more hooked. 

if you’re eager to please and fall under Her spell, She will bestow Her words of wisdom, Her insights, Her attention, and you’ll crave to be under Her thumb more and more. There’s not an ounce of fakery in Her approach or Her presence.

anyway, i’ve had the luxury of being able to bask in Her essence a bit, and each encounter leaves me craving more and more. Leaves me more and more obsessed. leaves me wanting to please Her, wanting to be like Her. She has infected my brain, in a good way, and my immune system bows down to Her in worship and says infect away. 

There is no one better. I look forward to where She’s leading me… 🙂