perfection of bimbofication

my bimbofication story
so I’ve been kinda doing the bimbo transformation fetish thing for like a few years now. I mean, I guess it kinda evolved from like my earlier sissy, humiliation, and porn fetishes. Like a fetish for dressing and looking like a girl, a fetish for having hot girls tell you what to do and laugh at you, and a fetish for seeing super hot large breasted girls trying to get people off has morphed into wanting to dress and look and act and talk like a super-slutty girl who other people tell what to do and make fun of, basically a brainless bubbly nympho! you know a term that’s used to describe a brainless bubbly nympho? I mean, the letters are all there! just try saying it on repeat like really really fast! haha, yeah, you wind up just saying bimbo!!! lol. now repeat bimbo like really really fast!!!

okay, now stop! so were you like actually just saying bimbo really really fast just now? haha, well if you were, then perfect!!! you’re on your way! cause I was too, and I know i’m on my way! haha, Goddess Lindsay tells me so at least…

so yeah like where was I? oh yeah, I was just saying how awesome it is that I kinda like morphed into the bimbo fetish from all my previous fetishes. but it wasn’t until I found Goddess Lindsay that it really started to like click, ya know? like, i’d go like in and out, like be all obsessed with a bimbo here or a bimbo there, wanna be all like her, but then i’d get bored, or i’d go back to like my guy stuff, football or whatever. there wasn’t like any reason to stay motivated on it, which I guess was like the problem. so i’d be all into acting and talking like a bimbo and then I dunno, I just wouldn’t.

anyway, so enter Goddess Lindsay, right? to say She is like a cut above is like way understatement, ya know? previous ladies who I experienced bimbo transformation sessions were much more like just, in the moment, having me say and think and act like a bimbo. but then when the session was over, like, k, what now, guess i’ll be all manly again. or my version of manly, lol

But with Goddess? totally diff. I mean, what She says sticks with me, well after W/we talk. I mean, first of all, Her voice is like golden, like I soooo want to hear Her voice in my head like 24/7! so even after we hang up or whatever i’m constantly remembering the convo and everything She said, just like trying to hear more of Her voice in my head… and She says stuff that really stick with me and like keep me working on my bimbo stuff long after the call. I mean, She really has me developing bimbo habits that can kinda like take root and take over the other habits that I used to have.

so like, how does one develop a new habit? I mean, it’s one thing to do something while your in the thralls of sexual arousal. I mean, lets face it, even for a proper bimbo, for whom sexual arousal is like the end all be all, there are moments when the sexual arousal like kinda dips and there are other things to kinda like focus on? I mean, like, maybe a bimbo will stop thinking about hard cocks and big tits for like 2 minutes to think about like cotton candy or a pair of platform heels. times like that, you hafta have the right habits to keep you on the bimbo path. but its one thing to want to develop those habits, its another thing to actually like get them.

So Goddess Lindsay does like a couple of things. She put forth like a GOAL for me to work with. I mean, so step back just for a sec. I mean, i’m not in like a place or time in my life when I can just bimbo it up ALL the time, with how I dress and stuff. I am in a LTR with a chick that is decidedly NOT on the “twink should become a bimbo” train. so like, I can’t be showing up with 36 DD’s and long blonde hair extensions. Not yet at least, lol. No, I go for the more mental side of things. but some physical. Like, my ass. I mean, who is really looking at my ass, cepting I decide to shove it in their face? well, so maybe I can get like the perfect looking ass at least, right? a porn star ass! with a bleached ass hole, and nice round cheeks that would look awesome in skin tight wet-look leggings. So that when I took them off and some hot guy with a long hard cock saw me, he would just beg to fuck my pristine little bimbo ass hole. now that would be awesome. I can’t deny it. neither can you. so Goddess Lindsay has me on a regiment to like bleach my asshole, get it waxed regularly (its decidedly inexpensive, and even though it hurts, totally worth it), exercise it frequently (30 day squat challenge anyone, lol), and even stimulate it frequently with my aneros junior progasm!

So anyway, that was like my initial goal, and I have been spending tons of time thinking about it, working for it, developing pride in it! I love bimbofying my ass. so anyway, when like Goddess is not around or something, the habits are like self-fulfilling, I continue to work on it and think about it. so let’s say I’ve been hard at work, and then I have some time to kill. what do you think I do? I mean, revert back to my old man habits of watching football? or do something even more fun and like log on and check out pilates and yoga moves to increase my ass strength? or hop onto tumblr and check out pics of hot porn stars whose ass I want mine so desperately to look like? I mean, my old desires don’t like just disappear, there’s still like a little man in me who likes to watch football. so even if I turn it on, I perk up more for things like the cheerleaders and their cute skirts and their nice hair and wondering how long it takes them to do their makeup on game days and how awesome their makeup artists must be that they can like last through the 4th quarter!

anyway, so yeah, Goddess has been putting more carrots out there for me to have as goals and develop pride in. like my bimbo diet – lots of protein and green veggies, not a lot of carbs 🙂 the 30 day ab challenge (day 12 today!) just ways for me to really get going with my bimbofication. like I said above, like when I’ve done something good, like finish a new blog post or helped Goddess in some other way (haha, She gives me sexcretarial duties sometimes, yay!) i’ll like just tumblr out for a while. All the pretty girls who I want to look like, all the hot boys I wanna hang out with, all the stripper fashion and sparkly jewelry, all the sissy captions. Especially luv Goddess’ new tumblr and all the captions She’s putting up, like this one :

practice makes perfect sissy!

practice makes perfect sissy!

Anywhore, so yeah after all those years in the game of bimbo transformation, it took me finding Goddess Lindsay to find out the right way to do it. Haha, the Goddess Lindsay way! It’s definitely taking over my mind more and more, and it feels so right, just like thinking like a bimbo, trying to fit more and more bimbo stuff into my daily life, getting all sexually aroused like all the time, looking up to all the pretty slutty girls. Haha, I mean, like, not that I used to be a strip club guy, but now I want to go just to check out the stripper fashion, like the heels and the fishnets and stuff. sure, i’d tip em a dollar so I could see the tag of their panties to find out where I needa be shopping, lol anyway, i’m just like doing mental twirls constantly, staying all bubbly and stuff in my head, more and more, like no turning back now, ya know? #bimbo4life!!! lol