whatever poppers up

so, I was traveling recently. staying in a hotel room with nary a responsibility to anyone but Goddess Lindsay. which gave Her stimulation to kinda further broaden my horizons. I mean, not that She needs it. this trip was post buying my aneros progasm jr and Hitachi wand. She had previously suggested I try to find some good silicone based lube to use with my aneros, but I hadn’t gotten around to it, so I was still using the water based lube I had ordered from aneros.

Well lo and behold if I didn’t find a kickass sex shop not 3 blocks from the convention center. so I went and found some lube, which was actually Goddess’s go-to lube, and I contacted Her all proud of myself. I mean, how should I put this, i’ve been in sex shops before, but this one in particularly was adorned, right next to its name, with a large rainbow flag lol so while I’ve been in a sex shop or 4 in my time I’ve never before been in one of that, um, persuasion. but damned if I wasn’t going to get that lube at the first available opportunity.

Goddess found this pretty amusing, but it also led to Her suggesting I try something new. Any guesses dear blog reader? lol, well, based on the title you might have guessed poppers. cause I didn’t make that title in reference to popcorn poppers, lol now I’ve HEARD of poppers before, but damned if I know much about them. She was like, you don’t have to, by if you want to…. lol, when She makes a suggestion I always want to! anyway, as you might expect from a loyal follower and devotee of Goddess Lindsay, I have read Her blog posts again and again. I mean, the way She puts stuff makes you just wanna like devour every morsel of what She writes again and again 🙂 like I immediately remembered the post Goddess Updates In particular this quote:

“Silly sissies and sluts indulging in poppers lately. It’s clear the use of poppers just makes their brains weak, little dicks hard and ready to suck REAL cocks. I’ve been enjoying taking those little tarts further down the rabbit hole, keeping them humiliated, tortured and full of debauchery.”

I was thinking, yeah, those silly sissies and slut are lucky! but at the same time, like, there was a tiny bit of skepticism about what the poppers could do. but I got some info from Goddess Lindsay about them, and the last day of the conference managed to make it back to the rainbow sexshop and grab some poppers. I mean, I was surprised how non-uncomfortable I was walking into a gay sex shop and asking for poppers. something about getting instructions from Goddess Lindsay is, I dunno, invigorating or something. just gives me a little of the backbone that my own independent male persona lacks. Haha, leave it to the Emasculation Mistress Herself to finally give me some balls, lol

anyway, so I bought the poppers and get back to my hotel later and call up Goddess, and She starts to talk me through it, testing their effects on me. and during this She says something like, “if you thought you were addicted to Me before, after doing poppers you’ll REALLY be addicted to Me.” I was like, yeah, hope so, without really knowing if I believed it.

well, I am here to report, it is TRUE! I tried the poppers and got ever more addicted. well, poppers while I had an aneros jr. in and a hitachi wand and a cock ring (also bought from the sex shop) and some liquor in me, and Goddess Lindsay on the phone. pics of Goddess up on my ipad. The combined effect was like an immense sexual charge. beyond. like I just wanted it to go on and on. Her voice amps everything. like to the nth power! and somehow the poppers also amped everything. so they like worked in synergy. mmmm, i’m getting all worked up now thinking about it. at any rate, yeah, i’m more addicted to Goddess Lindsay than ever! i’m like, wow, She introduced me to those poppers and was She ever right, my brain got sooooo weak for Her!

unfortunately I hadda toss the rest of the poppers before my flight. I mean, it’s flammable and I aint taking a chance of getting called out for terroristic materials. lol the size of the bottle couldn’t burn a cigar size hole in the seats, but just in case.  lemme just say you should take her up on it if She ever suggests it. She knows how to use poppers to make Her sissies and sluts more weak and pliable and addicted to Her than ever. omgggggg!!!!!!

so, the moral of the story is, of course, follow Goddess Lindsay, do poppers, get addicted!!! lol