The Voice in my bimbo head :)

So in addition to my OUTER bimbo work, like my completion of the 30 day squat challenge (Yeah baby!!! :), my aneros progasm jr training, my anal bleaching program, my bimbo diet (low carbs, lots of yummy protein, vit supplements), my current 30 day ab challenge (day 15, already did my 70 situps, 95 crunches, 42 leg lifts, 60 second plank, while day dreaming about the bimbo belly of my dreams!!! omg can’t wait! looking forward to when i’m doing 125 situps!

wait, where was I again? got lost in the dreams of my future 🙂 lol oh yeah, so there’s the INSIDE bimbofication work. you know what I mean? like okay, just sit back and think to yourself, something simple, like, what comes next after 249 on day 30 of the 30 day squat challenge? yes, good job, you’re right, 250! BUT, what was the sound of your voice when you answered it? was it deep and husky? cause um yeah, that’s no good. Even if it was just like normal guy sounding, still no good. or if it was kinda gay boi sounding? well that’s better, but yeah. or all sopranoed out fake femme voice? even better. But you know what would sound even better? The voice of a bimbo in your head. The voice of a young, hot, super sexy girl! You KNOW you want it in your head like all the time, even when you’re thinking of things besides your fetishes. You know, just like when you’re doing laundry or something, and you start thinking about how you really want to exercise, or when you’re all hungry and start thinking about how you crave like a salad or maybe some lowfat greek yogurt? wouldn’t it be AWESOME to have the voice in your head match your bimbo desires?

well Goddess and I were kinda talking about that. and Goddess being the perfect exhibition of benevolence and the absolute best at bimbofication came up with the idea of like doing snippets as mp3’s that She will record, in HER voice, but that I (and other bimbo wannabes) can listen to on loop to kinda like perfect our internal voices, to make them more like Goddess’s, like the hot sexy voice we NEED to hear all the time, more and more! So since She knows that getting a perfect sexy ass is like one of my primary bimbo goals (and lets face it, the goal of any aspiring bimbo), She focused Her first recording on that, the motivation behind getting the perfect ass. I have to say, She just released it like 2 days ago, but I must have already looped it like I dunno, 200 times or so!!! it is soooo awesome getting Her voice in my head like more and more. I hesitate to say that it’s like a bimbo voice in my head, cause it’s Goddess Lindsay’s voice, and She is by no measure a bimbo! BUT… She is hot and sexy, and Her voice is the embodiment and epitome of hot-girlness to which bimbo’s aspire. More and more I find myself thinking in Her voice. I think it would be awesome if there were like an army of bimbo’s running around who were all like essentially clones of Goddess Lindsay in how we think!!!

So yeah, She also is like going to make more recordings. about other things She thinks bimbos should think about. Her bimbos! which i’m guessing will include stuff like how to think about HER, as well as how to think about boys and clothes and food and fashion and sluttiness and well all the things bimbos should think about!