Anal Fixation

So if it seems like I have a LOT to say about my ass? Damn straight! I bust my ass for my ass. So I’m proud of it. Get more proud of it every day. And every day I have Goddess Lindsay to thank, for providing the inspiration and motivation to get my ass better and better. I mean, before Goddess Lindsay I was just some dude with an intermittent feminization fetish, wandering from one substandard phone sex”princess” to another. Sometimes we’d talk about panties, or cocksucking, or getting mani-pedis or whatever. But it was always like, yeah,exciting while we talk, maybe for a little while after, but then boredom or guilt or distraction or some combination would set in,and I’d be back to square one. Just like a constant cycle.

But Goddess Lindsay gave me a goal, a practical and central goal of self-improvement, and helps with the achievement of that goal, namely the upgrade of my ass. With suggestions to improve it cosmetically and physically, inside and out. Lol. And with each step forward I get a feeling of pride. There’s no better feeling, really. And so it has served to break the cycle of one step forward, one step back. Just from now on, ever onward.

So – outside – there’s the bleaching. The waxing. Smooth and pink! For the at home bleach, they say you need to apply anywhere from a week to a month to see optimal results. It took me a month and then some. but I had more pigment contrast then most. Anyway, there’s not much better use for $50 than anal bleach. And the waxing is fucking awesome, at least for me. I live in NYC, and there’s a salon that will wax your butt strip fairly cheapo, and the girls are nice and treat me all girly, I think they think i’m gay or something. lol and afterwards it feels as smooth as glass. It does hurt a bit. not gonna lie. totally worth it though.

Physically – there’s the 30-day squat challenge. Day 25 today, already got my 220 in bitches!!! I definitely feel it toning and shaping my little ass. Hopefully soon the muscles start growing a bit, so my ass gets bigger and wider and looks awesome in a pair of tight jeans!

And internally? haha, that’s the aneros. i’m on a progasm jr. right now. I totally recommend it. like, knowing what I know now, if I didn’t have one? yeah, I would buy one right this very fucking second!!! I lied about the use of $50 for the anal cream. very good use, but the progasm is even better. Ideally, invest the whole $100 in your ass. Starting today. but if you wanna do the installment plan? I recommend starting with the progasm jr. Goddess hasn’t been focusing too much on the internal muscle strengthening lately for my training. But She has definitely alluded to the fact, often, that I need to increase my internal muscles, with like kegels and stuff with the progasm jr. inside. I’m kinda small, so She took it easy on me by starting with the progasm jr., but She has already said, in time, i’ll be graduating to the big boy progasm 🙂 yeah, I want to have a real nice ass, I mean not tight, but able to clench down tight, you know? and by the way, omg, the progasm jr feels AWESOME inside! omg omg omg talk about a prostate hug. and with a hitachi wand vibing on it? just like wow, the whole body.

But I digress, lol, I was talking about anal improvements, not anal getting off. haha, sometimes I can’t help myself, my enthusiasm gets away from me, lol

so yeah, i’m all anally fixated. it has really helped in my progression. as opposed to the cycle. it’s replaced guilt with pride. it enhances everything. it allows branching out into different areas too (pubic hair trimming, anyone? lol)

Yeah, it’s pretty much PERFECT. just like Goddess Lindsay. You’d almost think She planned it this way (haha, hint, She did! lol)

oh, and one last think, this isn’t very twinkess-ish, but tis the season… Go Buckeyes, Go Ravens!