Motivation unlimited

one of the lesser known and little discussed perks of servitude is the motivation! take for instance my performance in the 30 day squat challenge. So Goddess Lindsay tells me, “I think you should do the 30 day squat challenge, to work on that porn star ass goal.” I didn’t even have to think about it, I just started doing it. But as we all know, with exercise and so many other things, the initial motivation often recedes into the background, especially as things rev up or get monotonous. Motivation recession is the scourge of every diet, exercise plan, self-improvement goal, etc. Well, with proper servitude and the right Goddess (meaning, of course, only Goddess Lindsay), such recession is not an issue.

So like today, I hopped up for day 21 of the 30 day squat challenge. 180 fucking squats. in a row. yesterday was a rest day (which I used to go for a nice grueling run in which I incorporated hill sprints, also great for ass muscle building, but I digress). anyway, so Saturday, 2 days ago, I had gotten up to 160. Now, I had been ready to quit at 120, but I kept going. of course. Goddess Lindsay wants me to do the squat challenge, I do the fucking squat challenge.

So anyway, today, I went even higher, to 180. I mean, at 60 you’re like, wow, i’m only 1/3 of the way through. Pretty soon you’re counting by tens, like 110, 11/18’s of the way through. but you just keep going. cause Goddess Lindsay said to. There IS no better motivation, long or short term, than the instructions of Goddess! Especially long term. changes into my exercise habits, thought patterns, the way I talk, all these continue to progress, in a way I could never achieve on my own. My motivation would have receded a thousand times without Goddess Lindsay. And the key point, as well, is to not question or resist the changes She suggests. To accept Her word as gospel. With it I achieve so much more than I would trying to do stuff on my own.

and i’m sure after the challenge (9 more days!!!) i’ll be given other things to do; I can only hope. I am but a weak male, who graciously, and with great gratitude, accepts any instructions given by the Goddess. I am lucky to be in Her service. without it, I would be weak and adrift. but in serving Her, I have direction, purpose, motivation… unlimited 🙂


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