what’s in a name?

early on in my interactions with Goddess Lindsay, She thought I sounded exactly like a 19 year old twink. okay, so She still does, lol. She also knew, before I knew enough to articulate it, that it is like my fondest wish in life to pretty much be exactly like Her. I know, preposterous, right? lol

But being as She is benevolent and has a wicked sense of humor and q playful sense of creativity, She indulged me in a way that She found amusing as well, and dubbed me with the nomme “twinkess” like twinkess as opposed to goddess or princess, lol

I dunno, it’s just a perfectly elegant off-hand example of Her creativity with combining my fetishes of sissification and humiliation. I mean, She mixes it up, calls me ALL kinds of little emasculating names (one new one? nino feminino, lol), no one note wonder is Goddess Lindsay, of course. Unlike a lot of phone sex bitches (a term which emphatically does NOT apply to Goddess, She actually comes up with new stuff, original trends, combinations. I mean, I’ve been doing the fetish p.s. thing for like ever. I get bored with same ol’, same ol’. not so with Goddess, She keeps everything fresh, all the while seemingly effortlessly staying one step (at least, more like 12 steps (no pun intended, haha, I’ll get to those addiction metaphors in a later post, lol)) ahead of me at all times

so yeah, without my intention, I’ve become the completely devoted submissive slave to Goddess. it’s no longer a question of whether I’ll get bored. I’m just hoping She doesn’t get bored with me! She definitely keeps me on my toes, inspires me to try my best to impress Her.

So anyway, to answer the Q i started the post with, in my little nomme twinkess (which She usually shortens to twink anyway, but uses twinkess more as like a title thing) is a bit of Goddess affection (TWIRL in delight!!!), humiliation, delineation of my role, exhibition of Her creativity and originality, expression of my own devotion to Her. and an inspiration. i mean, i want to freaking EARN that nickname, be the best twinkess i can be πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ i mean, if i can’t be a beautiful, gorgeous, hot, sexy Goddess like Lindsay, i can be Her devoted twinkess!



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