Renewed Vows

So not really vow renewal, lol, just like for my blog. I’ve been hooked on Goddess Lindsay from the get-go. But I fell outta my habit of blog appreciation. For some reason. I know, lucky for me Goddess didn’t kick me to the curb for insubordination! No, I was showing my appreciation in other ways! But now I’m back with an unending stream of public adoration. In fact She’s said I can even contribute to her blog, as like a guest, you know? I mean, talk about a freaking kid at Christmas, like yay! Hope I can live up to it tho!

So yeah, in the past couple of months I’ve really been calling and talking to Goddess a lot! My goal has been to kind of like have Her voice take over my consciousness, be like the voice I hear in lieu of my own voice. But also have Her to be like my idol, my object of adoration and worship. Basically i just want HER to be my GODDESS!!!

anyway, so i mean, i’ll continue to like exhibit my devotion and everything for all things GODDESS LINDSAY. i mean, hopefully she’s happy with everything i post here. bout my ass, my fave sex toys, bout my desires for cock, my tumblr addiction my blog lol, and GODDESS’S blog, and a host of others i’ll get to detailing here in time.

so mostly, this is is just an acknowledgement that Lindsay is my Goddess, I publicly proclaim it, i fell off course in documenting here in a wordpress blog, and i aim not to have that happen again 🙂 🙂

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