Another Goddess Lindsay Video!

So this is actually like the first Goddess Video i made. so You’ll likely notice it’s not as polished as the first. But maybe you’ll like it even better!!! i mean, its got pics of Goddess Lindsay, so you’re sure to like it. Probably love it! it will probably give you a boner! it may even lead to a little orgasm. or a big one. surely if you just watch it again and again good things will happen to you. and by good i mean sexual. you will slowly get sexually programmed into being Goddess Lindsay’s sex-slave maybe.

also, just oh by the way, it’s accompanied by the perfect music for a Goddess who goes by the nomme de plume, Modest Vanity, namely Xtina’s Vanity. You know the one, V is for vanity, every time you look at Her, you turn yourself on! LOL, it’s s\the perfect song! and another oh by the way, Modest Vanity has no real reason to be Modest, since She’s pretty much the epitome of Perfect, but it’s a testament to Her perfection of Character that She displays Modesty – most chicks, if they looked like Her, had Her voice, Her overwhelming sexuality, well, they’d lose all perspective and be beyond narcisstic, but not our Goddess. no, She’s like, no reason to truly throw it in your faces… but She could… well She does, in Her own way, but its like not overt. it’s just like, She can’t change the facts. She’s Perfect. we’re so not. so anyway, yeah, i’m not really going any further with that right now. but watch the vid. and watch it again. Over, and Over, and Over, and Over, now drive bitch… i said die bitch… oh, sorry, the lyrics to Madonna’s Gang Bang just poppsed in my head while i was typing. which makes sense, cause it’s quite possible Madonna and Goddess Lindsay are related, since they both have overwhelming persona’s and people just want to worship them. You can kind of worship both, but to the best of my knowledge Madonna isn’t like taking calls on NF, and she’s not likely to pay you any attention unless you happent to be a good looking celelbrity with an hefty endowment. Which you’re not. at least i doubt it. unless it’s you, A-Rod, i could kind of buy that you’re trolling Goddess blogs. but Madonna’s over you, so yeah, dive right into the Goddess Lindsay worship. you’re probably not smart enough for her, actually no probably about it, but you do have like a quarter billion dollars to spare, sooo…

sorry i’m rambling. Ordinarily my mind is a laser beam. Thinking about Goddess makes me ramble. excessively and luxuriously, with a grin on my face. if you’re lucky, the same will happen to you.

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