Worship Vids for the Goddess


My current goal – Spread the Goddess Gospel. Goddess Lindsay is the best, the baddest, the coolest, the hottest, the flyest, the oneliest and onliest!

So, i mean, i can go on and on. i mean, She is the Person on whom i am utterly transfixed. Getting Her out of my head is neither a goal, nor a possibility. i like just like walking around and having Her voice echoing in my head, thinking about Her images which are burned into my brain. it’s obviously difficult to transfer what is going on in my little brain to anyone else’s particularly through mere words. so i made a little fan worship vid from some pics She has ever so graciously bestowed upon me (YAY!). i put Madonna on in the background, since, while Goddess Lindsay’s Voice is unmatched, at least Madonna captures some of Her essence. and i put some of the phrases that go through my head as i think about Her, some Her words, some mine. anyway, it’s a poor approximation, but if one were to watch it several times, in a row. or just like for a few hours on a loop, it may at least approximate the level of obsession or transfixion i currently have on Her!


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