The Methods of a Goddess

So, thought I’d give a little example of the way Goddess Lindsay can drop a little Domme and Awe on your ass. I mean, I don’t pretend to be able to accurately describe Her approach and the effects it can have on your psyche through a mere blogpost. I mean, obviously the only way to feel it is to give Her a call and start the process of delicious succumbing….

But, just as an example of the way She might affect you in a way different than other so-called Goddesses/Mistresses/Fem-Dommes…. So She had like dubbed me ‘the twinkess’ LOL during the call before last. Haha, I loved it. Like, A. I had never heard it before, ’twas unique, and B. it came to Her as a ‘revelation’ during the call and it was just like so perfect. i mean, i won’t go into the whole backstory of why it is so perfect, cause it would take too much space and time, but you’ll just have to trust this little blogger that within the context of the relationship Goddess Lindsay has bestowed upon me, it is just awesome.

So, I spent like a few days thinking of myself as the twinkess, all proud of it and everything. i just loved how She said it, like twinkESS, with an upsweep of intonation on the ESS. like yeah, instant hard-on, not that i wasn’t already, but You know, it was just something that really affected me. Okay, now fast-forward to O/our next call, She was laughing about how like in my tumblr I had previously posted, like a long time ago, a couple of pics of Zac Efron. Okay, maybe more than a couple 😉

Anyway, She could tell I was like genuinely embarrassed about it, i mean, there’s a back story to that one too. But anyway, so twinkess weakness -> POUNCE! in other words, She took advantage, teasing and giggling and filling my head with images of me dancing and singing teenybopper high school musical songs sung by Zac himself. now that i was blushing over that, She then has me change my niteflirt name to Mrs Z Efron, in the spirit of humiliation and amusement. 😉

So first of all, let me tell you, sure, lots of other chicks on niteflirt have guys change their names. Usually to something like Mistress so and so’s sissy. Or sub4goddessXXXXX. Or imapatheticgayboyomgpleaseletmesuckyou.

Okay, well that last one’s not bad 🙂 but you know, that whole incorporating a mistress’s name into your niteflirt account, like I get it, it shows ownership and devotion and everything, but it has all the creativity of a porn star named Candy. i mean, she may look good, but seriously, are you expecting anything more than t&a&moan-moan-moan from a porn star named candy? didn’t think so. i mean, maybe you’re not looking for more than that, maybe in a phone mistress you know you’re going to cum in like 4 minutes of hearing the mistress’s voice telling you ‘you’re scum, i’m dominating you, cum cum cum’. in which case Goddess Lindsay is probably not right for you. but shouldn’t there be something more out of your fetish life? like, where’s the growth, the development to something more. no seriously, if you’re that 4 minute cum-chump, and you do kinda want more, i think confessional time to Goddess might be in order. but if you don’t more, well the ones with the 6th grade education will do you just fine…

But i digress. back to my story… at first I was kinda reluctant to change my niteflirt name. like seriously, reluctant. She sensed it, which made Her kinda pounce even more. and change it i did of course. And Goddess Lindsay kept up the theme of like, ‘haha, you could be like his little housewife straight outta like madmen’ and tweeting it and just kinda busting me on it. And so i like get welcomed back to niteflirt as Mrs Z Efron and i literally like dreamed of it and not 24 hours later the thought of being Mrs Efron, wearing a sheath dress and pearl necklaces and my hair curled up has me popping an instant boner.

So anyway, yeah, that’s just like a little example of what’s in store for you all if you call in for a little humiliation and sissification. She can push your buttons in ways the less creative ones can’t even imagine. And chances are, if you’re intelligent and experienced enough to appreciate Her personality and creativity and intelligence and attitude, You’ll find yourself devoted to Her to an extent that you can’t even predict, you’ll crave to interact with Her, want to prove useful to Her. You’ll want to join the Lindsay army, and you’ll find yourself proud to salute Her as your Commander In Chief 😉


Mrs Efron, at attention, MA’AM!!! 🙂 ❤

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