in the beginning…

So… i have a twitter, @thebigbangtwink , but with only 140 characters/post, it is no match for my effusiveness.

i have a tumblr, , but since the whole platform is designed for pictures and vids, it doesn’t really work for my fave artistic and devotional medium, the written word. 

soooo, what to do, what to do… but start a wordpress blog. Aside- i started one of these a couple of times, for work related stuff, but the whole thing wound up coming across as eminently boring. so i gave it up. i mean, unless you’re a chemist with a very defined field of interest and specific techniques of choice, you’ll find most of what i was writing boring. and it was kinda like that age old koan, ‘if a tree falls in the forest and noone hears it, did it make a sound.’ the answer of course depends on your definition of the word sounds, but i’m not here to like engage anyone in philosophical arguments. 

no, i’m here (by here meaning on wordpress specifically, not in NYC, or the US, or on this little blue ball spinning around the sun, again, not speaking philosophically here) to communicate with the world, ideally with something the world ought to be interested in. So my mission here is to spread the gospel and engage the world in a topic that should be or supreme interest to many a person, namely Goddess Lindsay, aka Modest Vanity on Niteflirt and twitter ( @ModestVanityL ), or


So i like haven’t been spreading the gospel for very long, and i feel like i’ve got a lot of making up to do. I mean basically, She’s pretty much a perfect fetish Goddess for any submissive with intelligence and proper behavior. in other words, not a dumbass or a douche. She’s got a Voice to die for, Her Looks will make you melt, Her Attitude will have you standing at attention, and Her Intelligence and Insight will lead to Her understanding your needs more than you do. She’s total brain candy AND eye candy. if you play your cards right, you’ll be hooked on Her in a matter of minutes, and She will actively encourage You to become even more hooked. 

if you’re eager to please and fall under Her spell, She will bestow Her words of wisdom, Her insights, Her attention, and you’ll crave to be under Her thumb more and more. There’s not an ounce of fakery in Her approach or Her presence.

anyway, i’ve had the luxury of being able to bask in Her essence a bit, and each encounter leaves me craving more and more. Leaves me more and more obsessed. leaves me wanting to please Her, wanting to be like Her. She has infected my brain, in a good way, and my immune system bows down to Her in worship and says infect away. 

There is no one better. I look forward to where She’s leading me… 🙂

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